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Roll-on Roll-off is the easiest way and cost effective, we offer car shipping, truck shipping, trailers shipping, tractor unit shipping, commercial vehicle shipping, vans from UK to many destinations world wide.


We offer Roll-on Roll-off service to the following destinations:Cars,Truck Shipping to Dar Tanzania, Cars and Truck Shipping to Mombasa,Cars,Tariler,Trucks Shipping to TemaCars,TruckShippingto Durban,Cars and Truck Shipping to Walvis Bay and many more destinations, please contact us for more details

A container is the most reliable and the safest model of transporting cargo across the globe whether you’re shipping commercial goods or private individuals, however is slightly more expensive than Roll on-Roll off shipping method when export only single vehicle using container.

Cars and personal goods, machinery, spare parts can be shipped using standard containers. 


We can deliver container to your door for loading, transport to the port of export and ship to the final destination.

At BS Hyera Shipping LTD we Source and Purchase Cars, Machinery, Trucks, Trailers, Vans from UK and Export to Dar Es salaam, Mombasa, Durban, Pointe Noire, Tema, Walvis Bay and many destinations.

 We will: Provide daily progress to your order

  • Ensure the Vehicle, Truck, Trailer or Machinery conditions are up to standard.
  • We will arrange deliver / export Vehicle, Truck, Trailer or Machinery to your chosen destination